Impact & Commitment



employement of underprivileged mother image
Employment of Underprivileged Mothers
Providing economic opportunities and stability for underprivileged mothers, empowering them to support their families while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
4 underprivileged mothers
Flexible working hours to accommodate individual needs & family responsibilities.
soap craft making workshop image
Soap Craft Making Workshops
Equipping marginalized individuals with valuable skills in soap crafting, empowering them to generate supplementary income & pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. Additionally, fostering community engagement & collaboration through hands-on workshops.
15 workshops conducted
300 participants from marginalized communities
workshop for marginalized kids image
Basic Hygiene Workshops for Marginalized Kids
Providing essential education and awareness about basic hygiene practices to marginalized children, helping to improve their overall health & well-being. By instilling good hygiene habits early on, we aim to reduce the risk of preventable diseases & promote overall health outcomes in marginalized communities.
2 workshops conducted
Marginalized children from underserved areas participated
combined impact image
Combined Impact
Environmental Impact:-
By collecting & repurposing 1,200 kilograms of waste Bambangan seed & 100 kilograms of used cooking oil, we have diverted a total of 1,300 kilograms of waste from landfills & waterways, contributing to environmental conservation & waste reduction efforts.
Social Impact:-
Through our social impact initiatives, we have empowered underprivileged individuals, equipped marginalized communities with valuable skills, & promoted health and well-being among marginalized children. These initiatives have fostered economic opportunities, community engagement, and improved livelihoods for those in need.